The power video

We create video content that elevates your brand and adds value to your business. By telling your story, people will feel more connected and have greater trust in your products and services. Videos can also help you gain more followers on social media and achieve better search engine rankings. But most of all, well-crafted videos will help to differentiate your business from competitors

Key benefits

  • Differentiate from competitors
  • Improved SEO
  • Social media growth
  • Build brand loyalty & trust
  • Better understanding the of products & services
  • Greater social proof through testimonials


Build greater brand affinity with existing and prospective customers by telling your story and what you stand for. A behind-the-brand video will show potential clients the hard work that goes into building great products and services. After seeing your passion and enthusiasm, customers will have more trust in your business and a better appreciation for what you do. 

Social media video

Videos are extremely effective on social media. In fact, apps such as Instagram now favour video over photos. The tricky part is producing videos that are both informative and attention-grabbing. We work to understand your brand and get inside your potential customer’s heads, resulting in more followers and more eyes on your products and services.

Additionally, we edit all long-form content we produce for you into shorter clips that can be recycled for further use on social media. It is a cost-effective way of giving your brand more exposure by making your content go further.


Testimonial video

Testimonials videos are a powerful way to build trust in your products and services. Potential customers will feel more confident to invest after seeing how others have benefited. Hearing positive feedback from real people will carry more credibility than reading or hearing a sales pitch. We make our testimonials videos engaging by presenting the positive reviews in a story-driven context, as seen in this video.

Website banner videos

Website banner videos are at the top of your website and are excellent for getting people to see more of what you offer. Compared to photographic banners, they are more effective in communicating your brand message. Moreover, their dynamic nature can quickly expose people to different visual elements of your business. An added benefit is that websites with videos see improved search engine results, thus giving you a better chance of being found online.

Product demos

A demonstration video can help your customers better understand the benefits and features of your products. Furthermore, it will help people to see what your product does and how it can fulfil their needs. This type of video is great for sharing on your social media channels because it will quickly grab attention and expose people to your products.