Connecting The Community With NHS Social Prescribers

The challange

EC30 asked us to build a new website whilst producing the photography and video required to populate the site. It is an essential NHS service, providing people with a place to talk and seek advice. Our challenge was to create a welcoming online space that encourages people in the community to make use of the available facilities.

The Solution

We provided EC30 with a website that encourages people to come forward and seek advice. This was achieved by designing the look of the website around EC30’s coffee shop. Coffee shops are places where people talk, and we felt that this warmer and gentler design would help EC30 better achieve its goals of building a happier community where people feel welcome. We felt a clinical-looking website — often used by NHS services — would be counterproductive in the case of EC30.

Additionally, we worked with the staff and users of the EC30 service to produce a series of photographs for the website. We were also happy to film EC30’s grand opening.

Company overview

EC30 – NHS Property Services / HUB Tenterden

A trial service and charity run for the NHS and other social services.

EC30 is one of two nationwide NHS schemes developed to link the community, NHS social prescribing services and other charitable organisations. The scheme revolves around a coffee shop and charity shop that allows any member of the public access to NHS and other social services.


Medical, Charity & Social Services

What we provided:
  • A new website
  • A video telling the story of EC30
  • Photography and video to showcase the  facilities
  • Digital display content
  • Website room booking management

The Results

EC30 experienced a surge in visitors after launching their new website. They used digital advertising to promote their products and events, which helped attract more customers. Additionally, they simplified their room booking process using a system provided by us, making it easier for their customers to reserve rooms. This approach improved their overall customer experience, contributing to their growth and success.

What our client thought...

Story and Brand was commissioned to create a website and social media presence for EC30, a Centre for Wellbeing in Tenterden, Kent. 

The task was to build an easy to use, accessible website with a complex mix of information provision, advertising, facilities booking and donations to the charity. Story and Brand more than exceeded expectation. Keith & Andy  went to extraordinary lengths to help us achieve a recognisable local presence. They spent time with us at the centre observing the activities and listening to the staff, volunteers and service users to best inform the content and styles of the website. A generous amount of time was also given to training us so that all the platforms are kept up to date and real-time events are advertised. We could not be more delighted with what Story and Brand has achieved.

Emma Isworth


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